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Written by: Andy Knopfmeier Posted on: September 23, 2014 Blog: Blogs and Latest News


My name is Andy. I am a dreamer...mostly a daydreamer.

Over the past couple weeks I've asked a few people in my life about their dreams and goals. I asked each individual a seemingly simple question: if I were to give them a gift of $100,000 for one year of living expenses what would they do? A few of them said that they would put it away for retirement. But the majority would stare at the sky, wrinkle their face in consternation and respond with an "I don't know" or "It doesn't matter. I gotsta pay the bills." Although I contemplated an initial reaction that included slapping my forehead and blurting out a "Say what?!?!" I scanned my memory archive and remembered my answer about the $100,000 gift was the same about 6 months ago. Sometime during my adult years, the practical had replaced my dreams. My presumption is that we have stopped dreaming because something or someone shattered our dream OR we allow the outside world tell us what our dreams should be.

Last week, Pub Theology hosted an event at Broad Ripple Tavern in partnership with Brooksource, The Super Service Challenge and US Dream Academy. This event, or "Dream A Thon," served 3 purposes: (1.) raised awareness for the US Dream Academy’s need for mentors, (2.) to collect school supplies for Dream Academy students to take with them on mission to Mexico and (3.) raised funds to pay for their trip to Mexico to build a home with Homes for Hope. The trip is a great opportunity for these Indy kids who come from low income families to help other kids who may have it worse then they do. If the children from Mexico don’t have school supplies they will not be allowed to go to school. The result of the Dream A Thon? 40 adults either signed up or expressed interest in becoming a mentor, hundreds of school supplies donated, and close to $1,000 was raised to pay for Indy kids travel expenses. How cool is that?!?! In the words of US Dream Academy's founder, Wintley Phipps - "A child with a dream is a child with a future."

So what about you? What do you dream about...or in my case, what do you daydream about?

The staff at Pub Theology, a Blackbird Mission Church ministry, want to help you awaken and re-purpose those dreams. This starts with understanding how you were designed by God for His purpose.

To kick-start your dreams, you can attend a Spiritual DNA workshop. Spiritual DNA is also ministry of Blackbird Mission Church that assesses your personality and strengths to help you discover how you were uniquely made by God. The next opportunity to take a Spiritual DNA workshop is Saturday, October 4th at East 91st Street Church on the northeast side of Indianapolis. For more information on how to reserve your spot click here. Oh, and the cost is $15, which is a small investment when paired with a dream.

If the Spiritual DNA workshop doesn't fit your schedule, then you can investigate other avenues of connecting with a Pub Theology staff member - Contact Us or attending the next Pub Theology Event.

It's time to start dreaming again.

Pub Theology's mission is to take the love of Jesus out of the walls of the church and put it back in the spaces and places of everyday life.

(Shameless plug about the guest blogger: Andy Knopfmeier is a middle-aged somebody and calls himself a recovering faithaholic. He and his wife and kiddos in the Indianapolis area. They are passionate about connecting people to designed purpose and living out their passion. You can read Andy's blog at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @AndyKnopfmeier)

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