Club Theology's Debut

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Happy Friday, Pubbers!

It's Becca Berry the curly-headed brown(ish) child / co-host from Pub Theology! So glad I get the honor and opportunity to write a post about our very first Club Theology!

There are so many things that come to mind when reflecting on that amazing night, but I will just give you a few tidbits to wet your whistles!

First, it was ridiculously cold that night, let's be REAL! Regardless of that frigid fact, I was so excited to get downtown and "turn up"! (As a city girl newbie in the area, and living in Hamilton County, I LOVE going downtown as much as possible, and weather permitting!)

So many excited and expectant emotions flowing through me: people are going to come- how many?, how much money will we raise for the HIM by HER Foundation?, will there be enough parking?, did I wear the right shoes? (Oh sorry…Thinking out loud...) Anyway, upon arriving to Revel Nightclub & Lounge, I was impressed with the friendliness and courtesy of the staff, and those dang blue lights just mesmerized me!

As the night began, the steady and modest influx of people was encouraging! People were mingling, the vibe was pretty chill and the organization, HIM by HER, got some much-needed attention and funds! The band "manners, please." was wicked and we were so glad they came! They helped to set the right tone for the night and I was glad to see another big-haired woman around!

I loved that this was our first event downtown in a club, but it felt like we had done it before! The team was on point and everybody really came together to seek out people of peace and provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all who attended.

Again, the helpfulness and organization of Revel staff helped us at Pub Theo do our job well! Big thanks to Adrienne for connecting us with the venue and for being such an amazing contact person for our first Club Theology! The night was a major success in my book and I can't wait to be a part of more Club Theology parties in the future!

If we haven't met yet, I would love to meet you at our next event for St. Patty's Day at Mo's Irish Pub at Hamilton Town Center next Saturday, March 14th or Sunday, March 15th for The Celebration worship event! Check out the events calendar for more details!

Stay Weird!

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